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Buying on tradecarview.com is simple. Follow these steps to start your buying experience:

  1. If you do not have a tradecarview Members ID account, Join as an tradecarview.com member first. (You will need a Members ID account to communicate with the seller.) If you do not have a tradecarview MembersID account, Join as an tradecarview.com member first. (You will need a MembersID account to view the response of your inquiry.)

  2. Look for Vehicles or Parts.

  3. Contact Dealers/Sellers after you find products.

Before sending an inquiry, please keep in mind the following:
tradecarview does not take part in the transaction of vehicles, so if you have a specific question about importing, please send an inquiry directly to the owner of the car using the tradecarview message system.

If you and the seller come to agreement, the seller will send you Proforma Invoice through tradecarview system, please check the details and if everything is OK please proceed your order and get invoice.

Once you obtain the invoice, please make your payment and post your T/T copy to notify seller that you have transferred money. If your transaction is on PayTrade, tradecarview will inform you once we confirm the payment, if the transaction is not on PayTrade the seller will confirm your payment (this normally takes 3-5 working days after you make payment).

After confirming the payment, the seller will arrange the shipment of the item (normally takes 2-4 weeks) and load the vehicle. After the vehicle is on board, the seller will receive copy of B/L from the shipping agent and then the seller will send you the original document by courier and let you know the tracking number (which would take about 1 week after loading the vehicle on the ship).

Top Page > Help > Buying > Outline